U-Grip Stabilizing Handle Grip Rig

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This U-Grip Stabilizer can be used for Filming and taking Pictures. It's really easy to carry and supports the use of a microphone aswell as a light. Filming has never been easier, no matter the location and time. Perfect for Vlogging while You are travelling around the globe.

Item Specs:

Handheld Stabilizer:  U-Grip
Video Grip: U Grip Handle Rig
Photostudio Accessories: Handheld Video Rig
Vlogging Rig: For iPhone and Android
Video Rig: For Nikon/Canon/Sony Digital DSLR Camera
Size: 21 x 24,7 x 9cm
Weight: 0,345 KG

DISCLAIMER: You will only Receive the U-Grip!