SnapStrap "Heaven"
SnapStrap "Heaven"
SnapStrap "Heaven"

SnapStrap "Heaven"

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Let Us Bring Some Color in Your Life

"Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death."

A SnapStrap is more than just a tool to make your camera easier to handle.
Purchasing a SnapStrap not only gives you what you were looking for, but it will also allow you to express what you're all about.

A SnapStrap is for someone who is seeking freedom in life, who loves to travel and explore the world, and most importantly, for someone who is passionate about photography.

Go Minimalist

Our stylish SnapStraps are designed for a quick assembly and they are easy to adjust. These Straps have the right thickness to give you the perfect balance of comfort and strength. The materials are chosen and built in a way to guarantee durability. –

It doesn’t matter where or what you shoot, your SnapStrap will always keep up with you!

Where did we come up with these designs? Well, we wanted to go with a minimalist but fashionable approach. We wanted our Straps to feel alive but still timeless. They will never be out of fashion!

Minimalism is not about having less or about labels, it's a form of life - and we try to share this form of life with as many people as possible - you can be a part of this!


  • Hyper adjustable length of up to 131cm
  • The softest and strongest materials
  • Multi-functional wear (read until the end)
  • Built to hold any camera

So what are you waiting for? Step up from a default piece of cloth and get your own Strap-with-a-meaning. You won’t regret your decision!