SnapLens Universal 3 in 1 Kit

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Do you know those situations when you are casually walking down the street, see a nice sunset or just randomly see something beautiful?

And because many times you don´t have your camera with you to capture these moments, you grab your phone and take a couple of pictures. Or maybe you simply like the convenience and just want to do some pictures for your Instagram.

The point is: Photography is not limited to the use of a high-end camera to do awesome pics, you can also use your phone and capture beauty – Phonetography!


It doesn´t matter what you like more - these convenient SnapLenses are PERFECT for everyone! Step up your Phonetography-Game and get these lenses so you can impress everyone else.

Just clip them on your phone and start taking awesome pictures!

This particular set contains:


  1. A Fisheye Lens
  2. A Wide Lens
  3. A Macro Lens


You can also purchase our 8x Zoom Lens to take amazing pictures from far away objects!

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