SnapGlass VisionBall Pro

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Wanna step up your Camera Game and add a whole new Perspective to your Pictures and Videos? Tired of boring looking Shots?

The Visionball Pro is suitable for you - a beautiful, perfectly round and even Crystal Ball crafted out of the highest quality K9 Glass and made especially for you and your Photo- and Cinematographic needs with a specific eye on quality and detail. 

The K9 Glass is perfectly clear and will arrive safely at its destination.

The Visionball reflects the World around it upside down inside of it, which adds a beautiful new Perspective to your Pictures and Videos. The Best Thing? Its diameter is only 80mm so you can easily carry it to your next awesome Location.

  • High Quality K9 Glass
  • Reflects everything
  • Perfectly Clear Glass 

Hold your Visionball up in the Air, lay it next to the Water, settle it on the Ground or just let it lay on your Desk. Wherever you put it, the Visionball won't disappoint you with its looks and will always be an Eyecatcher.

Item Specs:
Material: K9 - Glass
Size: 8cm Diameter