SnapGlass VisionPrism Pocket

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Wanna step up your Camera Game and add a whole new Perspective to Your Pictures and Videos?

The Visionprism Pocket is perfect for You - a beautiful, high quality Prism crafted out of the highest quality K9 Glass and made especially for you and your Photo- and Cinematographic needs with a specific eye on quality and detail.

The K9 Glass is perfectly clear and will arrive safely at its destination.

The Visionprism adds a beautiful flare effect to your pictures and videos ( see below ), which works especially well with natural light or artificial light. This adds a beautiful new Perspective to your Pictures and Videos. 

  • High Quality K9 Glass
  • Perfectly Clear
  • Brings beautiful flare effects, perfect for wedding shots!

Hold the Visionprism close to your Lens to create the neat flare effect or let it swing over the whole screen for two different takes, to be able to create a "natural" transition in post!

Item Specs:
Material: Glass
Size: 5 x 3 x 3cm