Ouh Snap™ Phone Selfie Light

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How many photos have you taken on your smartphone this week? You can't seem to get completely satisfying selfies?

The ubiquity of the camera phone and the popularity of photo apps like Instagram mean that we’re all amateur photographers these days. It’s fun to experiment with your exposure function, or play with composition and styling, but the real key to snapping a nice pic is beautiful lighting.

Here is your solution: The OuhSnap Selfie Light! This magical, round, palm-sized gadget clears all your worries and frustrations!

  • Bright LED Light
  • 3 Different Brightness Levels
  • 360° Rotation
  • Plug - Free

Just clamp our Selfie Light to your Phone, twist it however you want and take pictures of the most beautiful thing in the world: YOU. This flexible elegant light clips easily on your smart phone and by just pressing the button, you will get the supplementary lighting. The light is very smooth and it does not glare, so your the main focus of the pictures, your face will be perfectly lit - also, it is compatible with all smart phone brands and of course it´s rechargeable.

The light is small and can easily be put in your pocket or a bag so you can take it everywhere you want!