OuhSnap's Passport Cover 'Worldmap'
OuhSnap's Passport Cover 'Worldmap'
OuhSnap's Passport Cover 'Worldmap'
OuhSnap's Passport Cover 'Worldmap'

OuhSnap's Passport Cover 'Worldmap'

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Protect Your Most Important Accessory

Border officers (in the U.S. or abroad) can actually reject a passport for being dog-eared, torn, or otherwise beat-up. That's why it's so important to secure your passport to keep you both stylish and not-stranded.

You've probably never really felt a need for a passport cover but our innovative designs fit to everyone's style.

As the keeper of your ticket out of the country and the one must-have for packing if you want to see lands other than your own, a passport cover protects your most important travel accessory.



The One Item That's Missing

As a seasoned traveler, you’ve landed on the right suitcase, roller, or bag that’s easy to navigate through airport labyrinths. You’ve also figured out if you’re team packing cube or team see-what-happens when you unzip it.

You might even have your own VPN, personal hotspot, portable charger, and neck pillow, all of which are required for feeling comfortable and connected abroad.

Why not design your must-have accessory when travelling the world?


It Fits More Than You Think

Not only are you able to comfortably fit your passport in our covers, but you can also store some extra cash, your business- or credit card and you can securely tuck in your boarding pass!

Protect your most important asset and get your cover now.


PS: Let's put your cover right to use and plan for your next trip - somewhere far away ... like Southeast Asia?
If you're curious and want to learn more, simply read our blogpost on How to travel Southeast Asia on a budget and save some money on your next trip!