About Us

OuhSnap was launched in early 2018 by 3 guys from the middle of Germany - two of which still run the whole show. What started as a passion project has turned into something much bigger over the past few years...and we're still only getting started.

For years, we believed that there had to be a different way of life. Away from the norm we've all become so used to. The opportunities of New Age Media allowed us to continuously grow our brand to thousands of members worldwide...and our goal now is to teach others how to do it too.

This is what we the Antidote Philosophy is all about - finding happiness by living life on your own terms. This is the way to grow as a person, become happier, and more open minded. It's how you can truly succeed - whatever way you want to define that. It's how you, too, can become your Best Self in a healthy way.

All of this - and much more - is conveyed in our latest book: An Antidote To The 9-5 Way Of Life. And we're only getting started. Our goal is to be a companion...a daily reminder of what matters most in life. We want to serve as a beacon of guidance to everyone who is in a similar situation to us when we first started this journey.

Ultimately, we hope that the value we try to provide, day after day, can inspire you to look for the antidote in your life.

Robin Klose & Max Stadnik