About Us

Founded in 2018, our goal was to unite Photography Enthusiasts all over the globe to build a loving and caring community. – Today, with the publication of "An Antidote To The 9-5 Way Of Life" we are focusing our efforts to help people unhappy with their current situation.
Making money on the internet has become an achievable goal in today's society. That's why being stuck in a job, that doesn't fully satisfy your needs and dreams is a waste of energy.
Let's learn new skills, widen our horizons and strive for greatness together. Do what makes you truly happy and stick with it. 🍀

Those who own OuhSnap are now a part of this movement full of loving individuals and we are so thankful to have you here! ❤️

You can meet us and all the other members by visiting our socials, our Facebook-Group and just sending us an E-Mail.

Who knows, maybe we can even meet up somewhere?


Turn your passion into much more than just a hobby.

Max, Marten & Robin.