About Us

We are an established online retailer selling Premium Camera Accessories (almost) all around the World!  📷 
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We are a young, dynamic team from Frankfurt, Germany, consisting of 3 Students that are total lovers of photo- and cinematography, hopefully just like you!;)
Our love for capturing moments and editing them and the unfortunate lack of really good camera and phone accessorie brands made us come up with the Idea of OuhSnap and producing our own affordable and high quality accessories for people that are like us!
You and your Satisfaction are our Number 1 Priority here @OuhSnap , so feel free to ask us any Questions and if you liked (or not) what you snapped here, give us some Feedback so we know what we can do better for You next Time!;)
We are Always Present at ouhsnap.business@gmail.com !
- Marten, CEO of OuhSnap!📷