Folding Lightbox

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Many crafters, cooks, artists and other individuals like you and me want to take high quality photographs of their own creations, whether to feature them in a blog post, offer them for sale online, or just share them with friends. The trick to getting these nice, glare-free, and even photographs easily and reliably is to use our lightbox – simply put, a light box is the effective and affordable solution for this need!

  • Bright LED Light
  • White and Black Backgrounds
  • Easy to Build - Magnetic Structue
  • Easy to Carry - Foldable

Our lightbox is an extremely useful tool in photography, particularly for product shots, close-ups, and any time you want a consistent white (or even colored) backdrop and even lighting.

Our lightbox is foldable so it can easily be transportated and it also comes with a smooth, black background so you can change the background whenever you want!

Item Specs:

Size: 24 x 22 x 24cm
Background Size: 48 x 21cm