SnapStrap "Iceland"

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The Days of Plain old Camera Straps that come with your camera and that honestly, no one really likes, are finally over! Thanks to our SnapStraps you can now go out with your Camera while looking even better than you already did before! 

  • Sturdy and Adjustable!
  • Stylish, handmade Designs 
  • Makes you stand out in the photographer crowd!

So take your Camera, attach your SnapStrap and show the people how good you can look whilst shooting anything!

We as OuhSnap want to help Photographers and People in need worldwide. That’s why we donate 20% of our monthly SnapStrap-Profits to various, related organisations – this means that YOU can help people all over the world simply by purchasing one of our straps!

The Iceland-Strap helps support the Into The Glacier organisation in Iceland, because Global Warming is a serious topic that we want to shift attention to. If you want more info, check out their website or feel free to contact us!

Become a part of our community and make the world a better place; your help will be very much appreciated!

Item Specs:

Material: Nylon Cloth
Full Length: Approx. 131cm
Strap length: Approx. 71cm
Strap width: Approx. 3.8cm
Lanyard length: Approx. 30cm
Lanyard width: Approx. 1cm