OuhSnap's Watch 'Minimalism'
OuhSnap's Watch 'Minimalism'
OuhSnap's Watch 'Minimalism'
OuhSnap's Watch 'Minimalism'
OuhSnap's Watch 'Minimalism'
OuhSnap's Watch 'Minimalism'

OuhSnap's Watch 'Minimalism'

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Telling Time Is Not What It Used To Be

They were invented to tell time but let’s face it, watches these days can be valued more for their aesthetics than their activity. And why shouldn’t they be? Watches add distinction to a great outfit.

Versatility, however, is one of the most alluring elements most people look for in a staple watch. The best way to find an adaptable timepiece is to search for minimalism. Simplistic, classic and timeless pieces are what you should look out for.

That's where our revolutionary design comes in...

Find New Ways To Tell The Time

Conventional dials are a thing of the past. Meet our new and revolutionary designs!

You want the style, sophistication, and function of all the high-tier watches out there, but you don't want unnecessary features. You go minimal on other parts of life, from your everyday carry down to your accessories (wallet, clothes, ...), and you are not alone.

Our watches will offer you all of this wihout being bland or boring. These will not only make your outfit pop, but they will definitely catch some eyes here and there. They are the perfect choice for you!

How It Works

Well, it basically works like any other watch. But instead of regular dials you get something almost magical - it will be a pleasure to look at everytime you want to know how late you're running.

Plus, because they are not conventional dials, your brain will actually fire different frequency brainwaves to process your new information, giving you an extra slight edge throughout the day!

We created special loops that move inside of your watch to tell the time. They work independently but only tell the time if they're used together. One loop (the dot) works as the hour hand while the minute hand shows you exactly what time it is.

Also, our watches are made of beautifully finished materials and they're made to last. You have the option to choose between three amazing different overall colors. So what are you waiting for?