SnapPod Octopus Tripod
SnapPod Octopus Tripod
SnapPod Octopus Tripod
SnapPod Octopus Tripod
SnapPod Octopus Tripod
SnapPod Octopus Tripod

SnapPod Octopus Tripod

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Push the quality of your captures to a new level by using our SnapPod Octopus Tripod. It´s an octopus Tripod that enables you to take smooth pictures in almost every given situation!

It does not matter if you want to film some videos, do some long-exposure shots or simply do some normal pictures, this Tripod is perfect for every situation because it´s compact and adaptable. It is also compatible for Cameras and Phones so it´s especially great for people that prefer Phonetography!

Why should you use our Tripod in the first place?

1. Photographing Long Exposure

A perfect example of when you’re going to need a tripod is for long exposure photography – where you try to capture the movement of the world around you by opening the shutter for periods of time measured in seconds – and sometimes minutes! There’s no way you are going to be able to hold the camera still for that long in your hands, so you’re going to need a tripod if you want to get shots like this.

Long Exposures or slower shutter speeds also play a role in Low Light Photography, when photographing landscapes or for Astrophotography!

2. For Any Video Work

Video looks a million times better when shot on a tripod. Wobbly hand-held video screams amateur – stabilizing your video with a tripod will instantly make it look more professional.

3. For Time Lapses

A time lapse, in case you’re not aware, is a sequence of images shot a certain number of seconds apart, and then turned into a video which speeds up the action. It’s hugely important that the frames are aligned, so a tripod is absolutely essential to time lapse photography. 

 4. People will Take you More Seriously

This is a bit of an odd one, but we’ve found it to be true on multiple occasions. When you´re shooting on a tripod, people will make a concerted effort not to get in the way of your shot – far more so than if you´re just shooting normally. There is clearly the supposition that you must be either terribly serious, or actually working, and that you shouldn’t be interrupted. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but we´ve had less shots ruined by errant passers by when shooting on a tripod. Admittedly, not a reason in of itself to purchase a tripod, but a nice to have nonetheless!

Of course, there are so many more reasons why you should purchase our Tripod!


Item Specs:


Weight (g): 45/110
Max Loadable (g): Approx. 800/2000
Max Extened Length (cm): Approx. 15/20