The Meaning behind our Camera Straps

The SnapStrap World Collection 📸

If you haven’t noticed yet, all of our camera straps in the ‘World Collection’ have some sort of quote on their individual pages.

In this little blog post, we will be going over three of our most desired Camera Straps and explain the meaning behind its quotes.

A SnapStrap is more than just a tool to make your camera easier to handle.

Purchasing a SnapStrap not only gives you what you were looking for, but it will also allow you to express what you're all about.

A SnapStrap is for someone who is seeking freedom in life, who loves to travel and explore the world, and most importantly, for someone who is passionate about photography.

Bright, color-coordinated, and durable camera straps make clear statements adding to a classy wardrobe! Gone are the days when everybody had to adjust to dull, solid colors since vividly decorated camera straps have become the new trendsetters


1. Camera Strap 'Australia'

"Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. 

They seem to be more afraid of life than death." - James F. Byrnes

Camera Strap Peak Design

This camera strap is our best selling one and we can definitely see why.

Its sleek and timeless design makes it a perfect utensil for every vintage driven photographer. But not only its patterns make this one special, there is also a hidden meaning behind the camera strap. 💫

What did the quote make you feel when you read it?

For me, it conveys some sort of pressure but it’s also motivating at the same time. The usage of Life and Death in connection with ‘Too many people’ sets up a tone for some criticism; and that’s what this quote expresses: Criticism on today’s society.

Most people settle for mediocre jobs that don’t fulfill them at all just because they have to pay bills. That’s the wrong attitude to look at life though, life is meant to be lived and experienced, and guess what, you can’t do that when you are sitting in a 9-5 that makes you unhappy. 😕

It gets even worse for the so-called ‘hustlers’ of our society that jump into the first job of a big and reputable firm after college because they think they will make the big money. Yes, you will have a nice salary, no need in denying that. But will you get rich through a job? The answer is no, no you won’t.

That’s because you are working 10-12 hours a day to make your boss and the firm rich, not yourself. Plus, you will have to pay enormous amounts of taxes if you earn a good amount of money through a job.

That’s a different kind of topic though. 🤔

Instead how about pursuing your passion and turning it into a business. Working for yourself has all kinds of advantages but also disadvantages. We advise you to slowly start entrepreneurial ventures with some trusted friends or family. This way you can split work and it’s not as risky and lonely as working by yourself.

Jump on trends, brainstorm new ideas, and seek opportunities.

There is still plenty of room for new upcoming photographers and video editors for example, you just have to

start, have a plan, and be consistent with it!


2. Camera Strap 'Italy'

"Most People rather try to avoid a loss instead of gaining something."

Peak Design Camera Strap

I’ve read about this topic in some books and came up with the sentence.

It’s pretty easy to understand, but there is more behind it because you can apply this in almost every aspect of life. The only example that comes to mind where this doesn’t apply is gambling. Well actually I think most people do avoid gambling, but there is still big enough of an audience so that casinos are able to flourish. 🤑

Gambling is addictive because you are constantly reassured that you may win the jackpot or make insane amounts of money by spending a small sum. Gamblers take a small loss in order to have the chance for a big win, the only problem is that it’s the wrong thing to do here because you simply won’t win in 99,9999% of the case.

Taking this concept to relationships though, it would be pretty nice to start speaking to the girl/guy you like (risking a brush-off) hoping you gain something, for example, her/his number.

Another example would be to investing in some sort of real estate, company, or share in order to gain profits in the long term. This would mean you have to take the risk of putting your money down upfront without the security of ever getting it back. If you are a knowledgeable kind of person, this whole plan becomes less risky, depending on how well you are prepared. Gambling on the other hand is mostly luck, still more people have probably gambled instead of invested. 🤷🏼‍♂️

The same goes for starting a business. As already mentioned in the beginning, there are certain risks in life that have to be taken in order to become truly happy.

Nike said it right ‘Just do it’.


3. Camera Strap 'Iceland'

"Time is our most precious commodity. If you are not using it wisely, you are wasting it ignorantly."

Camera Straps Rope

Our camera strap ‘Iceland’ stands for using the time you have available wisely. We know very well that procrastinating is becoming more and more a habit in people's’ lives. That’s because the attention span is shrinking with the never-ending technological advancements. 

There is so much to look at on your phone that we get overwhelmed easily. Also, every social media platform is designed to make you addicted - the fear of missing out is constantly active in our minds.

We have to fight the urge to check our timelines every 15 minutes because in reality, you just don’t get any benefits out of scrolling through Instagram or Facebook for example (except if you are business orientated). 💸

You have to decide for yourself how you want to use your time. If you just started a new business and are motivated as hell to get work done, you probably won’t encounter boredom and procrastination. This may however  change with time - if it does, let discipline take its place. 

You have to be truly dedicated to the tasks that are open and have to be done, set a specific time range to do what’s necessary, so you can relax after. Put your phone as far away as possible and close distracting tabs in your browser if you struggle to concentrate. I promise you that in the long run, you will benefit tremendously if you are using your time wisely.

And best of all, once you’ve achieved your goals, you have all the time in the world to keep scrolling down your timeline or pursue other ventures.

A few years of hustling for yourself for a life full of freedom. 🌴

Learning a new language?

Write down some vocabulary and make audios of you saying the words and translations, then bring the written-and audio form with you when you know you have time to kill. This could be on a train, during a work break, or simply when enjoying nature on a bench. 🏞️

Get creative, there is always something better to do than to sit on your phone, remember that!


We are coming to an end and had quite a journey, hope you took some notes and maybe start implementing the steps above into your daily actions.

Wearing a camera strap from our world collection means freedom and reminds you of always pursuing the best possible.

Always be curious and never stop learning.


Peace Out ✌️