A Complete Guide to Monetizing Your YouTube Channel

YouTube was founded in 2005 and has since become the internet’s go-to platform for all types of videos. With 2 Billion monthly active users it is the biggest video sharing site on the internet. 

Since 2007 it is also possible to earn money from uploading YouTube videos with the partners program and ads being displayed on your videos. Instagram, Facebook and many other social media sites are used every day to generate income through advertising - guess what, YouTube might even be the best option if you want to make a living from following your passion.

Once uploaded and approved by the site, the video will remain untouched until you decide to take it down. During the uptime, it basically collects views and money itself, completely passive and we are going to tell you how you can achieve the same! 

Read until the end to get to know a more unconventional but highly profitable way to earn money on YouTube without making any actual videos yourself!

In today's day and age, our smartphones, social media and various other applications have become the norm. Although we at OuhSnap stand for experiencing the world and nature through your own eyes (or the lens of your camera) we cannot deny the convenience of having an internet connection wherever you go. But remember: keep your usage contained!

We have already mentioned many other reasons to lay your phone away more often in our other blog posts, be sure to have a look!




That said, let’s jump right in: Growing your YouTube channel to a specific amount of subscribers to have a steady and passive income from it.

This will take time of course, that’s why I came up with taking your eyes off the screen sometimes. Don’t overwhelm yourself in the beginning, the key to success is to be consistent with whatever you do and to learn from past mistakes. 





Now if you decide to record and edit your own videos we suggest you start with either Hitfilm Express (https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-express) or DaVinci Resolve (http://bit.ly/DaVinciEditing). Both are free and great to use. The video itself is the most important part of your upcoming YouTube career since it basically showcases what your channel is about and establishes a theme viewers would like to return to.

Considering the audio of your videos we'd advise you to look into the art of 'mixing'. Now if you just started out a cheap microphone will do the job for a few sentences or so. However, if you are looking to run your channel professionally for the long term, get your hands on some nice equipment. 

I've found a solid website and guide on how to achieve top audio quality for your videos and it explains mixers like this:

A mixer combines and processes audio signals, and then routes it forward to where it needs to go. Therefore it's very important as an essential part of your equipment. One part of its primary functions is a console which also monitors audio.

Mixer desks live in four types of environments, mostly:

  • Live shows;
  • Recording studios;
  • Broadcast audio;
  • Clubs and discotheques;
  • Television and film.

Read more here: https://beginnerguitarhq.com/best-audio-mixer/

If you look at big channels on YouTube (by ‘big’ I mean having lots of subscribers) they either started uploading very early on, are creating unconventional content or are "copying" others in a better way.


Mr. Beast is arguably the fastest-growing channel right now besides PewDiePie.


He’s earned a magnificent income through Bitcoin trading which allowed him to spend lots and lots of money to create his YouTube videos. Now you obviously don’t need to be rich to create high-quality videos but it does help in his example. Nonetheless, there are dozens of other successful Youtubers copying his style of videos on a low budget. Jumping on these types of video trends can elevate your progress on YouTube tremendously; you can also check the ‘Trending’ section to get some video ideas.


Robotics voice


If you cannot find any video ideas that satisfy you, ask yourself what you are spending money on a monthly basis. If it’s Netflix for example, it probably means you are passionate about movies and TV shows. Finding out what you are passionate about and then creating your channel around that topic is probably the best way to stay consistent because you like what you are doing!


Your first video should introduce yourself and what you’ll be doing on your channel. If you don’t want to be on camera that’s okay, you can show some footage and talk in a microphone of course. Some channels even decided to simply use a robotic voice which then reads funny comments on Reddit, so as you can see everything is possible on this platform. 


The most important part is that you are authentic in your videos and establish a solid ground base to build upon. Let’s say you start with travel vlogs of your past and upcoming trips.

People will get to know you and decide if your channel is worth a subscription or not. If you are providing some sort of value in your videos, your viewer base is more likely to engage and follow you. This could be travel advice, blog posts, personal opinions on a topic, or simply the entertainment you provide. Having your own style when it comes to filming and editing is very important to lift yourself out of the masses. 


Don’t worry by the way about equipment or your voice, basically don’t worry at all. This process consists of learning by doing. You can start filming with your smartphone and buy a cheap microphone on Amazon. Eventually, you will get a better idea of what’s working and concentrate your efforts on that. Once you have established yourself and are happy with the theme of your videos, you can start buying better equipment and editing software if you have the money.




Another important part of your videos is the descriptions underneath each video.

Using keyword-rich texts and hashtags when uploading will allow the YouTube algorithm to recognize and show your content accordingly. The overall reach of your video increases if you have certain keywords in your description. Don’t be shy to use them 3-5 times in order for people to find what they are looking for. You can either just write them down in an enumeration with commas or as we recommend, use them in a text about the content of your video.


A funny sidenote, well more or less funny: You can see estimated earnings of bigger YouTube channels on a website called socialblade.com. There is also a section about trending channels that can help you gather some video ideas for your own channel.


Now let’s get to the fun part…

How is YouTube going to pay you and why should they?

There are basically three ways to get paid by YouTube/Google.


  1. You’ll receive $1.50 - $3.00 per 1000 views. This is just an estimate.
  2. Somebody watches the advertisement displayed on your video for a specific time.
  3. Somebody clicks the advertisement on your video.


Getting paid for views is fine and all but probably won’t be your main concern since there are better ways to earn a larger income. (Don’t forget to read until the end for the ultimate strategy on making that YouTube money!)

To be eligible for monetization on your videos you have to enable that option in your settings.

Click on your channel icon in the top right -> Settings -> Channel status and features -> Monetization

If you click on ‘learn more’, there will be a list that tells you to create a Google AdSense account and accept the partner terms of YouTube. The arguably biggest hurdle is to

‘Get reviewed after reaching 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers’


To achieve this you have to upload consistently and care for your viewer base. Also creating longer videos will help you to get to those 4,000 hours of watch time easier. It’s important that the content you provide gets the viewer hooked for more. If they decide to close the video after the first 3 Minutes, the YouTube algorithm will automatically rank your video lower in importance


Once you are eligible for monetization, make sure your videos are 10 minutes or longer in order to have the option to place more than one ad on your video.

Other important metrics besides watch time, which YouTube uses to decide what type of ads to display on your videos, are the countries you target and the type of content you upload.


World Map


Uploading videos targeting the so-called tier 1 countries will automatically place better ads on your videos. Brands from these countries are more familiar with YouTube marketing and have the budgets to advertise on that platform. 


Tier 1 countries are: 

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mauritius, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States of America.

If you are not comfortable speaking English you may use your native language and only cater your videos to your country. English, however, is the most spoken language and therefore the best option to grow your channel in the long run.


And ohh, a video series just popped into my mind: ‘Learning English as my first language

If you are into learning languages this could be a video idea people are passionate about and willing to follow. The progress you make will be documented in daily vlogs and your viewers can follow your journey. Trust me when I say this: Everyone has something to offer which people are willing to pay their attention to, or even better, pay money for. 


Plant Leaves


The content of your videos may be the most important part of starting and growing your channel. As you can imagine, a jewelry brand won’t pay for ads displayed on your ‘How to learn the guitar in 1-week video’. There are certain categories on YouTube that simply have the best advertisers and one example would be: Business. Obviously people who watch business advice videos are the perfect target for entrepreneurs who want to sell their courses or other digital products.


But there are other valuable categories as well, such as traveling, lifestyle, gaming, and fashion. These are evergreen categories or even rising in popularity. It’s also very easy to collaborate with brands or other channels as a vlogger or fashion enthusiast.

In the end, it is completely up to you which niche to pick, we always advise to go with what you are passionate about and have fun with. The money will follow if you are consistent and authentic with your content.


There is so much money to be made via the internet, even in places that you would never think of. Video gamers are earning a monthly fortune by playing their favorite game on a livestream on Twitch or Youtube. Times are changing and you have to adapt if you want to be truly free and not be forced to work a job you don’t like.


You can read more about starting a business and becoming the best version of yourself in our other blog posts at ouhsnap.com.


Cup of Tea


We will now dive into other methods to earn money on YouTube. These options are not limited to YouTube but are generally available to people with a social following.


The first website we recommend is patreon.com which allows your followers to support you on a monthly basis by donating money. You decide what sort of value you provide in return. This could be something like ‘For $10 a month you are able to decide what sort of video I should upload next’. If you have established a solid connection with your viewers they are more likely to support you and the content you put out. This is especially great for smaller YouTubers who are just starting out and cannot make it a full-time job from ad revenue only. 

Just mention at the end of your videos that you would really appreciate the support over at patreon.com for the effort and time you put in creating those videos. Even small amounts help in every possible way!




The second option is to become an affiliate with a business of choice. It’s probably the easiest with the Amazon Affiliate Program which allows you to choose a product of their collection and basically send traffic to the product through your link. You get a commission every time someone buys through your link.

You could review the new DJI Drone and speak positively about it, then say something like ‘If you want to start filming high-quality landscape videos for your own Youtube channel check out the link in the description’. They click the link and land on the Amazon sales page of the drone you just reviewed. Obviously only a small percentage of your viewers will click the link and an even smaller percentage will buy but if you have a decent amount of viewers and the product cost is high, you can make some decent money with it.

This business model is also a viable option for bloggers and influencers of any sort.

The bigger the audience you can reach, the higher the profit will be.

This method also works well with smaller brands that are trying to get their attention on the internet. You write them an email saying that you would like to promote their products as an affiliate and highlight the benefits for both sides.




The third method includes merchandise. Throughout the years of growing and bonding with your community, you will undoubtedly develop some inside jokes or live through memorable events. Use these to create merchandise through websites like designbyhumans.com, shopify.com or spreadshirt.com.

You have to build your own store and let designers do the shirts if you are not that confident in your artistic skills.

Once finished, you promote your merch with a discount code to your audience, and BOOM, you will have some guaranteed sales. You can push the sales volume by saying something like ‘I will post pictures of you guys wearing the merch on my Instagram’ or ‘It’s only available for 15 days, hurry up’. Just get creative and make it your own!


Shooping Bags


Last but not least, it’s very easy to tell your followers once you’ve created a community of like-minded people to follow your other social media accounts. This creates even more possibilities on various platforms and pushes your brand to the next level. Easy as that!

We are finally coming to an end with this blog post, but as promised we will reveal our Number 1 Strategy to make money on YouTube with little to no effort or video editing skills.

This method includes the so-called ‘creative commons’ section on YouTube. If you search for something in the bar and press enter, you get tons of results of videos. Now you click on the filter and select creative commons. These videos are completely free to use. You can either reupload the whole video you select mentioning the original creator in the description or use snippets of these videos to create your own.

In some categories or search terms there are videos with 10m+ views, yes you read that correctly. You have the option to upload already proven videos on your own channel LEGALLY. 


Cloud in Sky


There are some essential points you have to follow to do this successfully since otherwise, nobody will see your videos. We have a full guide that helped us and thousands of others to utilize this insane strategy.

Check it out here: http://bit.ly/YouTuubeSecrets


In the FAQ page they even mention a money-back guarantee if you don’t make money within 60 days of following the blueprint - this is some serious stuff!

"What if I don't make money using your system?

If you don't make money using the training system and our list of sites where you can submit your photos then simply email us within 60 days of purchase and we would immediately refund your order no questions asked!"

The course dives in-depth on how to create a passive income stream on YouTube without ever uploading your own content (if you don’t want to). These strategies are proven to work and that’s why someone like Mike Williams (creator of this course) has been featured on various news sites.


You can decide if it’s worth your time with the 7 Days Free Trial of course!


Don’t miss out: http://bit.ly/YouTuubeSecrets


Peace out and enjoy the fruits of hard labor.