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The 5 Best Ways To Start Making $100 A Day

The 5 Best Ways To Start Making $100 A Day

(a 15 minute read) 
The vast lands of the Internet have been conquered by a new generation: Gen Z. Whereas Millenials have been setting the tone for the past few years, the first people that were really born into and raised by the Internet are the youngest. They have witnessed first-hand how it feels to be connected to it, the incredible opportunities it offers and what it means to become internet famous.

This also led to a disconnect in their world view. The youngest graduates no longer think of themselves as the next generation of upcoming lawyers, doctors or accountants. Lots of them have a deep urge to leverage the opportunities of New Age Media to their own favour, others want to become YouTubers, influencers in general or the next big thing. And that is no wonder…

The Point Of No Return

The best example for this trend is probably none other than Charli D’Amelio. Born in 2004(!), she’s the most followed TikTok star with close to 100 million fans worldwide, which enabled her to become a guest on late night talk shows, collaborate with tons of influential people and probably be one of the highest earning 16-year olds ever. And she did all of that while doing something she’s passionate about.

In previous blog posts, we’ve talked a lot about how everyone should start building a brand based on their passion and we’re not stopping anytime soon. The Internet is taking over more and more parts of our worlds and I doubt that it will ever stop. And if you can’t beat it, join it. Knowing this, the choice between deliberately staying behind and getting lapped by everyone else or at least giving it a shot doesn’t seem like such a tough one after all.

Everyone has a story to tell, skills to teach and value to provide and if millions of people are able to earn a living by dancing, you surely have the ability to do so as well but in a more “valuable” way. So, to spark your imagination and get the gears turning, here are five ways how you can get closer to earning $100 per day online.

#1: Start A Freelancing Career On Fiverr

As I just said, everyone is good at something. All of you have some skills that you could probably use more effectively and lucky for all of us, it’s never been easier. Platforms like allow everyone to offer their services online to anyone who’s interested. Want someone to write a blog post for you? Go to Fiverr and ask. Looking for someone to go over spreadsheets for you? Go to Fiverr and ask. You need proofreading for a paper you’re writing for college? Guess what, go to Fiverr and ask. 

The platform has offers for pretty much any service you can think of and it’s up to each and every one of us to decide how we’re making use of that opportunity. Do we want to be on the “asking” side or do we want to be on the side of the providers and go our own way? 
-There are no filters of rejection, you simply have to sign up. 
-You’re self-employed and don’t have to conform to other voices like bosses. 
-You can actually spend your time doing whatever you want because no one is commanding you around. 
And here’s the best part: it works both as a side hustle to make a few extra bucks and use your off-time more wisely, or it can actually become your main source of income - it all depends on you and what your intentions are.

I won’t be able to explain every detail but here’s how you can do it: first off, create a profile. Great, got the obvious out of the way. Now it’s time to set up everything in such a way that it guarantees a high conversion rate. The most important aspect is creating a profile that’s as presentable as possible because this is directly linked to the amount of money you'll be able to earn. Include high quality visuals, develop your own style and find ways to improve on what others are already doing - in other words, stand out.

Another aspect that’s really important is writing great service descriptions. Include all the ways in which you can provide your skill and why someone needs your help. Also, answer every question a potential client may have and talk directly to your prospects. You should also provide detailed descriptions of your offer like specific packages and prices and be as transparent as you can be. One thing you should also do to gain greater insights into this line of work is learning from the best. See what successful sellers are doing, how they’re doing it and build on that. There’s no better method to develop yourself than this one.

From then on it’s pretty much like any other business: deliver actual value and do good work to get solid ratings. If your work isn’t great, your results won’t be either. This also means that you have to prove yourself - you can’t just offer $1000 services as a newcomer and expect business to be booming. Start with cheaper ones first to collect good reviews and work your way up the value ladder from there.

Of course, simply putting out an offer won’t be of any use - you have to make it seen by others. I talked a lot about this in our other blog posts so I’ll keep it short but it’s pretty much following the basic principles of online branding: get discovered. Dive into Instagram or LinkedIn and reach out to people to ask if someone needs your advice. Build a framework around your offer that makes it more substantial. 

To speed up the process (and if you have the resources), start running ads on social media or Google and start growing an email list. I could go on and on about how you can improve certain aspects of your business but what’s important for now is that you’re inspired to take action and simply get it going if you want to by signing up dive deeper into all of this and to learn more, make sure to check out our other channels where we try to provide as much value as we can...and I’ll probably mention these principles more than once today.

#2: Conquer YouTube

I know I know, this is probably not the groundbreaking epiphany you were expecting because everyone tells you to start your own YouTube channel...but maybe everyone says so because it’s simply true. If you’re just looking to make $100 a day, this probably isn’t the best option for you - in such a case, platforms like Twitch are the best solution to make a consistent income when it comes to video content on social media. YouTube is special though because again, there are no filters of’s just you and your camera or microphone and the ideas you have.

Another reason for why YouTube is one of the greatest opportunities to take right now is because it’s scaleable - with a consistently growing audience, not only can you collect more and more views but you can also start more lucrative collaborations (with others and with brands), you can scale affiliate marketing in general and much more. It’s a combination of active and passive income like no other and it can be incredible for long-term success. Of course, things look very different in the short-term - you can’t expect an immediate blow-up unless your story is particularly interesting or well done - but as I said in my intro, we want to engage your imagination and for your gears to start turning. 

All of what I just said is why you shouldn’t start a YouTube channel just for the money. You do it for the love of the game, not the gain. I won’t go too deep into what YouTube is about because we’ll publish a dedicated blog post about it soon. But as with everything in life, here’s what’s most important: be consistent. You don’t need to have everything figured out at the beginning. Simply get it going and find your own style in the process. Your content will change, your skill set will change and so will you, so laying out a path at the very beginning simply doesn’t work. Gary Vee likes to put it like this: simply document your journey and grow into who you want to be instead of pretending you’re already it.

Documenting your journey means starting out with what’s possible and then continuously building on that. So, for all starters out there, why not start learning how to edit? It’s a nice skill to have, relatively easy to learn the basics of and it can be a fun creative outlet to dive into. Softwares like Hitfilm Express and DaVinci Resolve are both free and great to use - personally, I use DaVinci for my simple edits. And don’t worry if you’re not a natural. When starting out, don’t aim to be the best, just aim to be better and then go from there, every single day.

“Okay, but what kind of videos do I even make?” I hear some of you ask. If you’re looking for ideas, jumping on trends is never a bad idea - it can’t be your only strategy for the long- or even mid-term but for starting out it’s great. Another simple thing you can do is vlog...You’re learning Kung Fu? Great, start documenting your journey from an amateur to your first competitions and belts! Provide value in your videos for anyone in the same position or anyone interested enough to keep on watching your videos. While I’m at it, strive for making your own content interesting in your own way and the right people will stay.

Making it interesting by making it your own and genuinely providing value is all it’s about and they are the cornerstones of online success. And that goes for any form of content. You don’t even have to be in your videos to make them work - start compiling top ten lists, talk about topics you love in an interesting manner, ask yourself what you regularly spend money on and what of that you could make videos about, make use of creating commons, create compilations, and much much more. Again, I’ll talk about everything in more detail in another blog post, in YouTube videos and on social media in general but the point is this: there are opportunities for everyone depending on how you look at things. Ultimately, it’s your decision what angles you view things from.

#3: Become A Blogger

I put this here because it’s the perfect example to hammer home what I just talked about in my last sentence and here’s why. Blogging probably has the lowest barrier of entry when it comes to doing your own thing because pretty much your only limitation is your ability to write. And you don’t need to be a literary genius either, trust me - no first blog post turns out great or even good. But the only way you’ll ever get better over time is by practicing it over and over again and that’s why consistency is key.

So, as with most things in life, it needs a lot of patience. This isn’t a get-rich-quick blog post. It’s a be-the-best-you blog post. Learning how to articulate oneself, navigating through the internet to find information, diving deeper into a topic and filtering it for valuable information, brainstorming for topics to write about, and much more are incredibly helpful exercises for your mind and they’ll undoubtedly turn you into a better person over time. This is what I mean when I say there are opportunities for everyone depending on how you look at things. And now, let’s take a closer look at this particular thing:

There are pretty much two ways you can make money by writing blog posts and the first one is starting as an independent writer and creating blog posts for others. In other words, it’s linked to freelance writing and it’s therefore related to the first point in this blog post ( As an independent writer you can write guest posts or simply earn money by writing posts for others. By doing that over and over again you’ll eventually be able to consistently deliver good work, to better structure any topic and teach others very valuable things. All in all, it’s not only great for your writing abilities but also for presentation skills (in general or how you present yourself), for exercising your mind and even for marketing skills (because that’s closely linked to presentation).

Of course, being a newcomer and wanting to write only gets you so far and that’s where the second way comes into play: write your own blog and build a brand around that. For example, you could start by buying a domain with and start your own blog with the help of services like WordPress and others. Creating a nice design is quickly done nowadays and now it’s only about finding interesting and helpful topics to write about (and preferably in the same direction because it’s easier to build a brand then). What’s most important, though, is always the content itself so that’s where most of your focus should be going. But a blog alone doesn’t really do anything for you; you also have to build the framework around it.

Believe it or not, I actually don’t want to sound like a broken record by talking about brand building all day but there’s no way around it. I’ll try to keep it short and continue with the theme of trying to spark your imagination and start making you think here we go: put simply, build a brand by connecting your blog to social media and posting often. Provide as much value as you can and listen to the resonance of your audience for they’ll be your most helpful guidance in the beginning. Promote the blog on Instagram with a post and stories, start conversations on Twitter, go through the whole process of pillar content (check out our blog post about Gary Vee for details) and do everything in your power that has to do with brand building. You could even lowkey promote your work on Reddit or Quora, start running Facebook ads and dive into Facebook groups, offer advertising space via Google, and--

Stop. The point I’m trying to make is that writing a blog post is just the first step of many to making $100 a day. There’s pretty much no way around building a brand nowadays because it’s so easy to get it going once you actually start. Another thing is that it’s scalable again because it’s a combination of active and passive gains (you actively put out work and passively gain more and more engagement over time). See, this is what we’re always trying to do: light a fire in you by showing that there are a ton of different things you can do to change your current situation for the better. And writing blog posts is one of them.

#4: Sell Your Own Products Online

Because I just got more into brand building I thought I’d even take it a step further. Building a brand and building a business can be two very different things...a brand can use social media to create a greater sense of the whole and to make the individual parts feel more substantial - a business uses social media only as an outlet to spread their message. We often say social media=business but that doesn’t mean business=social media (it’s a “thumb and fingers” kind of thing - social media isn’t your business itself, you’re just using it as a powerful tool to enhance your business). That’s also why building a business isn’t just something you do for the fun of it...just take a look at bad examples of scammy stores all over the internet that are run by 15 year olds that don’t really know what they’re doing.

Building a business is a very broad term because it can mean pretty much anything. For example, when you look at the points I talked about before like YouTube and blogging, your product is your actual content itself. But what I want to focus on now is when your product is an actual physical one or a service. In that way it’s kind of similar to freelancing but with the goal of being able to automate the process. Robert Kiyosaki, famous author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Cashflow Quadrant” (which everyone should’ve read at least once), would call this moving from the S sector to the B sector...more on that in another blog post, though. (cheeky cross-promos all over the place, I know, but it’s a very layered topic and therefore necessary)

As said before, there are two main options of what your products could look like. The first one is simply offering a service if you’re good at something and want to capitalize off it. The easiest ways to do that is by offering online courses on platforms like Skillshare or Teachable and then combining+scaling that with the magic of brand building. If you don’t know how to create such a course, you could learn that and more on these platforms as well, which turns them into an investment in some sense (by investing in learning skills that you can then use to earn an income). The other way would be selling physical products which means you can sell something you’re creating yourself (like art, manufactured goods of all kinds or something entirely different), invent a new/own product and manufacture that to ship out (most common in fashion but needs capital) or you could even sell someone else’s products (most commonly done via dropshipping). Whichever direction you decide to go in, they each offer the opportunity to turn your hobby into a legitimate business.

I won’t explain everything about building a business because that’s literally what our whole book is about but in all cases it’s this that matters most: it’s about building a solid funnel your target audience can slide through. For those of you that don’t know, a funnel is basically the journey a customer takes from the first impression over to clicking a link and eventually to a sale. Technically there are two seperate funnels that combine into one but again, all of that is way too much to explain and everything’s written in our book as well. Probably the best tool to create great funnels is It’s an easy-to-use tool to get started, you can make everything as convincing as possible, and all you have to do is drag and drop the elements around, or even use proven templates from successful entrepreneurs. The number one rule of growing a business, though, is this: test, test and test until you hit your winning combination!

Testing is so important because there are lots of variables involved that you have to overcome. For example, here are just a few things you have to do: check market demands and hop on trends when you catch one, keep your eyes open on the social media landscape at all times, run marketing campaigns, build email lists, and most importantly provide VALUE. It may sound like a lot (and it is, don’t get me wrong) and the book explains everything in great detail...but there’s another way to think about it:

What does ‘One Funnel Away’ mean for you…? For everyone it’s different. For some of you, you’re in a job that you hate, and you’re trying to get out. For others, you are entrepreneurs with your own company but you’re stuck, and you’re not sure why. And for others of you, you’re looking for that one funnel that will help you to have more impact on the world.” That was an excerpt from the “One Funnel Away Challenge” by Cilckfunnels and they hit it spot on. Yes, the road to $100 a day can be a long and tough one but it’s a life changing-one. And it’s never been easier to succeed at going on that road. Don’t let these opportunities slide through your fingers. Take the first step by CLICKING HERE.

#5: Begin Investing In Your Future

So far, I’ve talked about freelancing (#1), getting out of your comfort zone by going into entertainment (#2), combining them both and adding mindful self-development (#3), and taking all that to build a legitimate business online (#4). What I want to talk about now is investing in your own future. Every one of those aspects is symbolic for your personal development: if you want to make $100 per day, you have to invest in yourself - your skills, your outlook on life and your future opportunities.

Investing, just like all the other things I talked about so far, won’t give you immediate results. Well, technically you can find a way to do that by day trading stocks but you’d need a high volume (lots of $$$) and there are usually high fees involved. In general though, it’s all about patient long term investing - something I’ve probably said like a million times by now. When investing in anything, you want to buy low and sell high - Kiyosaki always says wins are made in the buying, not in the selling. 

To become truly independent (or as far as it gets in the frames set by our world) sooner or later you have to start investing in stocks, commodities, real estate or even better, in all of them. We’re not qualified experts to talk about any of these in detail so definitely make sure to educate yourself more but what I do know is this: the best time to plant a tree was 40 years ago, the second best time is now. Waiting for a better moment or for a better reason to do things can actually set you back for more than you realize. Take action immediately and avoid the regret of looking back longingly.

But for example, here are some ideas what each of these things could mean: for stocks, start investing in ETFs, specific companies, special indices or do something more dividend-oriented.

We recommend WeBull when starting out since it's a comission-free broker with a very technical, yet easy to understand interface.

For real estate, start looking for opportunities to invest in properties that pay themselves via rent and work your way up from there. You could even start investing in more “out there” things like baseball cards or something entirely different if you have enough knowledge to do so. As you can imagine, all of these things need some money to make money. Something I’ll talk about again in a second...but first, something else.

What’s probably most important is that you diversify. A job alone won’t make you rich, just like an ETF or a property alone probably won’t. Instead of laying all your eggs in one basket you should rather have your hands in multiple things at once to cover yourself for all kinds of scenarios - and that goes for the different categories and also for within the categories themselves. What I’ve been trying to hammer home throughout this blog post is that you should educate yourself and take matters into your own hands. You could even use the resources I laid out in here to do just that - this is exactly why we’re doing this. Most importantly though, it’s about this: invest in yourself. Investing in your own personality, skills, outlook on life, mind and more are all things that don’t cost a thing but it’s the best decision you can ever make. Your future You will look back on these times and be the judge of it you want them to look back with a “what if” attitude or to look back proudly?