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  • 7 Basics To Make Money Playing Video Games

    (a 15 minute read) “Streaming is DEAD!!” and other quotes like these have probably already come across your way if you’ve ever thought about picking up streaming, but it doesn't have to be that way ... read to learn more!
  • How To Become Your Best Self

    (a 15 minute read) While it can be really cheesy, setting the right resolutions for the coming time can be really helpful. You just have to set your bar slightly higher than 2020 has set it for this year ... read to learn more!
  • Meet The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

    (a 14 minute read) In a nutshell, this best-selling 1997 book, written by Robin Sharma, is about a fictional character who gave up his luxurious lawyer life to live a more centered, mindful and most importantly happier one ... read to learn more!
  • The 3 Ways To Make Money On IG In 2021

    (a 12 minute read) We’re all spending a rather large part of our days on our phones and social media, why not use that time wisely and productively instead? The truth is, money won’t come by itself ... read to learn more!
  • "Extreme Ownership": 12 Lessons To Master Life

    (a 15 minute read) With the year coming close to an end, lots of people spend their time reflecting on what the **** went down this year. I won’t go over all that’s happened because everyone’s done so enough already. What I want to focus on now is the one thing that’s become apparent to all is most needed: Leadership ... read to find out more!
  • 5 Stages To Learn Any Language FAST

    (a 10 minute read) I have a question for you: How many languages do you speak? For lots of people reading this, the answer is more than one. For most native English speakers though, attempts at learning another language in school are in vain ... read to find out more!
  • The 5 Best Ways To Start Making $100 A Day

    (a 15 minute read) Everyone has a story to tell, skills to teach and value to provide and if millions of people are able to earn a living by dancing, you surely have the ability to do so as well but in a more “valuable” way. So, this is written to spark your imagination and get the gears turning ... read to find out more!
  • The 5 Most Effective Lessons To Master Instagram In 2021

    (a 10 minute read) Everyone of you reading this has probably asked themselves the following question multiple times by now: How do these regular people manage to build a massive following and earn a fortune while you’re doing nothing different? ... read to find out more!
  • Building An Online Empire With Gary Vee's "Crushing It!"

    (a 10 minute read) In a niche so clouded with misinformation and scammy people as this one, let me be the one to help you see through the fog by taking a dive into Gary Vee’s amazing 2018 book “Crushing It!”. I could go the same route as him and be all like “fucking work hard, hustle 24/7/365 and fucking stop complaining!” but I decided to try and be a little more practical than to find out more!

  • Dale Carnegie's 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'

    Number Four: Appeal to the nobler motives.


    A person usually has two reasons for doing a thing: one that sounds good and a real one. Try to see the good in people and make them feel that you consider them honest, upright and fair.

    Walking around, looking for flaws in others won’t get you far and if you try to see the good, you will realize that nearly all people are actually really nice if you give them a chance!

  • A Complete Guide to Monetizing Your YouTube Channel

    YouTube was founded in 2005 and has since become the internet’s go-to platform for all types of videos. With 2 Billion monthly active users it is t...
  • 5 Essential Steps To Manage Your Money The Right Way

    If you are making a good amount of money through your job, business or investments you may face different problems and thoughts about money than someone who is earning a modest income as a student. 

    We have created a summary of the best rules for managing your money.